Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Tired of ATM Lines? Delhi BJP will give you a Gift!

IN PERHAPS an attempt to remove some of the bitter taste left by the demonetisation exercise, the Delhi BJP has asked its cadres to distribute laddoos to every household in the city — one laddoo per family — to “thank” them for their “patience”.

Confirming the decision, newly appointed Delhi BJP chief Manoj Tiwari told The Indian Express, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched this revolutionary step to tackle black money. Despite facing some inconvenience, people supported the move. Now, it is our turn to thank them and show our appreciation and respect for their patience.” As We all now the exams of all the CBSE Students are coming. So We All Have To Provide Separate Line To The Students who have their exams.
He said the cadres have been told to knock on every door, from January 1 to January 10, to distribute sweets in their areas. “We will encourage our workers to reach out to people. Logon ka dhanywaad karna to banta hai (We should express our gratitude). If people can stand in queues and not complain, can’t we give them a laddoo as a token of our appreciation,” said Tiwari.
“One laddoo to your neighbour will not hurt. Rather, it shows how grateful we are to them for the patience they have shown by supporting the Prime Minister’s decision… We will request our workers to come forward and buy at least one laddoo for their neighbour. If they want to buy five laddoos for five households, it will be even better,” he said.
The details of whether laddoos will be made centrally, or the cadres will have to buy these from the shops in their areas, are yet to be worked out.
Meanwhile, sources said the core team of the party unit, which meets every Tuesday, gave its feedback on the demonitisation exercise last week. “We have given the feedback and it is not as good as it is being projected. The step is good, but the implementation has hurt the good intent… The traders are hurt and that has been communicated. This is the reason why there have been meetings with them,” said a senior leader.

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