Monday, 12 December 2016

Rs. 2000 Notes Will Be Banned ... Get Rid Of Them.!

2000 Notes Denomination Rupees 

New Delhi : Soon The 2000 note will be not longer accepted by all the store across India. It May Seem Like It will going to ban a soon. In Simple word the Government will going to ban 2000 Rupees note soon. This, after strong criticism of government’s move to introduce the Rs 2,000 note by the experts and the opposition. It seems like that 2000 rupees note is increasing corruption  and bribery instead of curbing it. Thus, the Rs 500 note may soon be the highest denomination note in the country. This Year The Exam Fees of CBSE Students are collecting online. Hence The CBSE Result Announce to only those students who pays their fees online.

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S Gurumurthy, the economic thinker aligned with RSS, has claimed that  the Rs 2,000 note will be banned in next 5 years. Gurumurthy claimed that the Rs 2,000 note was introduced in a hurry to tide over the immediate cash crisis following the note ban, and it will be no longer a legal tender once the cash crisis stabilises.
Gurumurthy was speaking to a private news channel.

Meanwhile, the government,  on December 14, may notify an amnesty scheme for those with undisclosed income. Under the scheme, 25% of the total income disclosed will be utilised for welfare of the poor.

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