Monday, 12 December 2016

Mumbai: 2 kids dead after soldier's wife runs over them during driving lessons

An Army soldier was teaching his wife to drive in south Mumbai Military's Station where to kids were riding bicycle. When the kids comes in front of the car, the wife panicked and instead of applying the breaks, pressed the accelerator. Both the boys dead on the spot.

In a shocking incident at the military station in south Mumbai, wife of a Lance Naik killed two small children after running a car over them.
The Lance Naik was teaching his wife to drive inside the military station, restricted area of south Mumbai where two brothers, aged seven and 12, were riding cycles.
The woman, instead of applying brakes, applied accelerator and ran over the two boys killing them on the spot.

Santosh was teaching his wife Sangita how to drive a car.
Sangita does not have a driving license or a learner's license. The Santro car with which the accident took place is registered in Delhi.
While the couple was practising driving, the two brothers were riding cycles.
As the boys were riding in front of the car, the accused Lance Naik Santosh asked his wife Sangita to apply brakes, but instead, she applied the accelerator.
In the horrific incident, the first child came down under the car and died insteadly.
Sangita panicked and could not apply the brakes even then. Instead, she applied more accelerator. The second child got stuck on the bonnet of the car and was dragged long away.
With the boy on the car's bonnet, the car rammed into a tree, killing him instantly.
Both the brothers died on the spot.
The couple then fled from the spot and later surrendered themselves to local cops. They were arrested by the police under section 304, 279 and 34 of IPC and various sections of Motor Vehicle Act.
The father of children is expected to be in city for the final rites.   

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